Introduce yourself.

Keep it brief   |   Focus on their concerns   |   Be genuine

During Covid, you probably got more comfortable being on camera than you were previously.  Many people and organizations have taken advantage of that newfound ease to incorporate video into their marketing mixes.  You might consider doing the same.  Especially if your practice relies on relationships, letting prospects see and hear you can be a powerful way to get them to initiate communication.  And if your organization and the value it provides are especially complex, video with animation can help you streamline and convey your message.  As an Evoke client, you can leverage video to:

  • Transform you and your services from concept to reality
  • Emphasize your empathy and expertise in a credible, accessible way
  • Reach a broader audience through YouTube, the second most used internet search engine

Presenting yourself, your services and your ideas through video doesn’t have to be daunting.  Evoke will help you identify and refine simple messages or longer conversations, determine the most effective way to create a polished product and guide both your team and the production team to conclusion and publication.

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