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The most important thing they didn’t teach you in law school is how to run a business.  A legal practice is a business like any other, and it depends on a steady stream of profitable clients.  That means marketing, which goes against the grain for many lawyers.  Working with Evoke, you will:

  • Systematize strategies for deepening your best client relationships (and avoiding those that drain your resources)
  • Convert your technical knowledge into engaging marketing messages that can make it easier for you to start and sustain client relationships
  • Identify two or three ongoing marketing practices that are the right fit for you and your firm

When people complain about their lawyers, it’s seldom about the quality of the legal work (how would they know?).  Rather, it’s the human elements – like clear, reliable communications and a personal touch – that prevent attorney/client relationships from growing and enduring.  Evoke will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in these areas and build your marketing strategy around your – and your firm’s – genuine professional identity.

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