Tighten your focus.

Know your strengths   |   Balance process and outcomes   |   Streamline the presentation

These days, there are few things that educational institutions and organizations are not expected to do for their students.  Even if you’ve assembled all the components you need for a compelling, well-rounded program, it can be very difficult to present it effectively in the reams of written materials prospective students and their parents demand of you.  And because you are always adding new programs and support services, materials can end up feeling a bit patched together.  Additionally, the need to make your offering as broad as possible may prevent you from telling the real story of what your institution does better than most others.  Evoke helps educational organizations and institutions create materials that:

  • Sharpen and streamline your message to focus on what you really do best while presenting everything else as a logical offshoot
  • Empower in-house admissions and other personnel to have more effective conversations with both prospective students and parents
  • Present clearly the real-life value students will gain from their experience at your institution

You have assembled some extraordinarily dedicated and talented people – and they know a lot about your organization.  When they need an outside perspective to help them use that knowledge to create appealing materials, please consider Evoke.

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