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You love identifying problems and helping your clients solve them.  The issues you work with could be related to technology, essential decision-support or personnel, among others.  Coaches need to get clients to open up – and they often have to do the same in return.  Consultants are under constant pressure to demonstrate tangible value.  If you have ever had the experience of clients signing up with you and leaving after only a short while, there might be a disconnect between what you present in your marketing material and who you show up as – or how you work – when you’re actually engaged with clients.  Evoke can help you build marketing materials that:

  • Showcase the kinds of results you can achieve for clients
  • Streamline the way you discuss your process
  • Present your strengths and personality as a trustworthy and understanding guide

No coach or consultant is a match for every client.  You can ensure a better fit from the outset by creating a website, online profile, print material or promotional campaign that gives people a better understanding of what they will experience with you.  What would be possible for your practice if you had a partner who could help you articulate these critical messages?  Work with Evoke and find out.

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