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Become proactive   |   Move beyond compliance   |   Become indispensable

For the most part, your clients love you and trust your advice.  That doesn’t mean, however, that they enjoy paying for your services.  The underlying issue is that most clients hire you because they must in order to comply with a confusing array of federal, state and local tax regulations.  Evoke can help you break the limitations of being labelled a mere bean counter:

  • Identify ways in which you can be more proactive in providing value to clients (and charging for it)
  • Frame empowering conversations to help you deepen client relationships without feeling like you’re jeopardizing confidence or outright selling something
  • Create systems that will help you actively market even during the whirlwind of tax season

You take a lot of time and trouble to understand your clients’ finances and their business.  That knowledge can work more effectively for both you and them if you apply it correctly.  With Evoke as your marketing partner, you will do just that.

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