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Everyone loves the line that an attorney who self-represents has a fool for a client.  The same is not quite true of professionals who try to direct their own marketing efforts, but it sure can get overwhelming.  Most firms start with in-house efforts, led by one or more professionals and executed by a staff member with multiple responsibilities.  As the firm grows, however, you really need a system.  The problem is that it’s not really efficient – yet – for you to hire a full time director.  With Evoke serving as your outsourced marketing director, you gain access to the expertise you need at a price point that makes sense.  We can help:

  • Organize your various marketing efforts into a coherent program
  • Coordinate the work of various professionals, staff and outside consultants
  • Plan ahead so that things get done

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or with a multi-member, mid-sized firm, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your overall marketing needs and how we might help you meet them.

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