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What is your brand?  That question is much easier to answer when selling products than when offering services. To make things even more confusing, every professional and agency that offers a branding-related service comes at it from a different angle.  Many people focus on the visual aspects of branding – logo, imagery, typography, colors.  Those are essential but are only the most obvious surface manifestations of your brand.  Even more important is how you get to those visuals.  Look at this way:  a picture may be worth a thousand words, but which thousand words?  An effective brand can often jump start the process of building powerful emotional connections with prospects and turn them into profitable clients.  To effectively codify and present your professional service brand, you need to look at:

  • Who you are as a professional – and as a person (or group of people)
  • How you approach clients and the issues they bring you
  • Why you might be a better fit for certain clients – and only certain clients – than others in your field

Whether your established branding requires an update or you are starting from scratch, Evoke will guide you through a streamlined process to create a solid, enduring brand foundation upon which to build all of your business development efforts.

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