Capture the essence.

Use humor   |   Invite a second look   |   Acknowledge a greater purpose

Product companies rely largely on advertising to get their messages out into the world and invite customers to give them a try.  Used selectively, advertising can also be an effective way to promote your organization or professional service.  Determining when and how to invest in it can be problematic, though.  Your marketing budget is limited, and much of what you do is too complex to be presented in the short format advertising offers.  Still, there are occasions when you need to support a community or charitable organization, support a colleague’s publication or even showcase your firm’s personality in a humorous or surprising way.  When you are an Evoke client, we can help you create ads that:

  • Present complex ideas in a straightforward, compelling way
  • Connect the philanthropic purpose you’re supporting with the work you do
  • Make you and your firm human and approachable

Advertising will not always be the right option for you and your organization, but when it is, Evoke will work with you to develop sophisticated messages that represent you well.

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