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No Need To Be Disagreeable About It —
Alternative Dispute Resolution: What It Is and How It Works

A Conversation With David J. Abeshouse

One of the inevitable facts of life is that people do not always do what we expect them to do. Changing circumstances can short-circuit even the best intentions as people and organizations are forced to scramble to protect their own interests. In business, this can frequently escalate to the point where the contenders face off in court. But this might not be most effective — or economical — way to move through the dispute and get back to business. We talked to David Abeshouse, attorney, arbitrator and mediator, about alternative dispute resolution.

Crisis Cured?
Ten Questions for Mortgage Professional Robert B. Withers

One of the most significant elements of the “Great Recession” is the degree to which the housing and lending markets have been involved. Strange new terms, such as “mortgage-backed securities,” have become part of the common vocabulary and foreclosures are a widespread — and almost ordinary — occurrence. As the recession loosens its grip, what does the mortgage crisis look like to an on-the-ground industry insider? Private Mortgage Banker Robert Withers offers some insights.

¿Habla Espaňol?
Understanding and Reaching the Spanish-Speaking Market

A conversation with David P. Henry, President and CEO of TeleNoticias LLC

Two of the most powerful strategic tools in the marketing arsenal are public relations and market segmentation. Each of these tools can exponentially boost your visibility and attractiveness to your desired customer base, but it does require a certain level of specialty knowledge and planning. We spoke with David P. Henry, President and CEO of TeleNoticias, LLC, a public relations firm specializing in the Spanish-speaking market.

Hidden in Plain Sight:
How Cost Management Can Uncover
Thousands in Savings for Your Business

Nine Questions for Arleen M. Kahn,
President, AMK Associates

The two most critical success factors of any business are to maximize revenues and minimize expenses. A good, well-executed, strategic marketing plan can handle the revenue part just fine. But how do you make sure that expenses are really as low as they can go? We spoke with Arleen M. Kahn, President of AMK Associates, a cost management consultant for nearly two decades, working with organizations in every category, from professional firms to manufacture. Read more ..

Good Connections:
Four Interviews with Networking Experts

We all want catalysts that will help us speed up our marketing efforts and yield better bottom-line results. Networking groups are a sometimes underrated and often overlooked tool that can help you exponentially increase your exposure. But the right group is often elusive, and even once it’s found, many professionals and top-level executives have difficulty using it properly. Evoke interviewed five network experts and founders, to address some of the issues busy people face in networking.

Adrian Miller, Author, Speaker, Sales Consultant and Founder of Adrian’s Network

Bruce D. Stout, CPA, President, The Rainmakers’ Forum, Inc.

Fred Klein, Esq. and Nancy Schess, Esq., Partners in the firm Klein Zelman Rothermel and Co-Founders, Gotham City Networking, Inc.

Tam St. Armand, Entrepreneur, Risk Management Consultant and President & CEO, Capstone Global Insurance Brokerage

We're All Connected; The Ins and Outs of Networking
5 Questions for Andrea Nierenberg,
Best-Selling Author and President of The Nierenberg Group

No matter what your profession or experience level, networking is probably the single most critical skill you need to master. Unfortunately most of us devote only limited time to networking and that is typically used inefficiently. How can you maximize this powerful tool to help you build relationships and uncover opportunities? Here are some insights from networking guru Andrea Nierenberg, who advises that much of what we need to do is common sense, even if it’s not common practice. Read more ...

Expose Your Business: The Power of the Promotional Item
5 Questions for Ellen North President,
Concept Marketing and Promotions

Businesses often use promotional items, but very few use them well. Like any marketing activity — or expense — a promotional item should be carefully thought-out, relate to your overall brand and image strategy and fit within your marketing plan. Promotional marketing consultant Ellen North shares her thoughts on how to do this — and stay within your budget. Read more ...