Grab their attention—and keep it.
The world is awash in “information” of all descriptions. How do you get yours into the hands of prospects so that it grabs their attention and lets them know what you can do for them? Or onto the desks of current clients in a way that really contributes to the relationship?

Truth is, you probably already know what you want to say in each case. But so far you haven’t been saying it in a way that gets you the results you want:

More clients
Better communication
Greater commitment
Deeper relationships

You’re not alone; it’s easy to get tripped up on language. Most customer-facing materials—brochures, Websites, sales proposals and even user manuals and policy documents—are loaded with the glib buzzwords and unintelligible jargon the market expects: a promise of excellence, commitment to quality, bigger and better.

But where are you—your passion, expertise and uniqueness—in all of this? And where is your customer?

Evoke Strategies can help.

After working with us, you’ll be able to articulate your message and deliver it exceptionally. Ongoing collaboration will keep you fresh, focused and ready to engage your own customers in conversation that yields results. Professionals and organizations in coaching/counseling, education, the law and technology have relied on us to help transform their communications for over twelve years. We can do the same for you.

With our clients, our seasoned communicators have developed:
• Marketing materials that capture—and hold—prospects’ attention
• Proposals that earn the business
• Policy documents and user manuals that actually explain how things are supposed to work

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transform your conversations into
a campaign that brings business:

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